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Construction and Installation

When it comes to construction and installation in the industry, Timelproekt, with its scope of experience, skill, and commitment to its customers, has become a leader in the country. Construction and installation is the essence of our business.

Since our inception in 1990’s, our name has been synonymous with engineering excellence and achievement in a wide variety of project areas: power plants; substation and distribution systems, telecommunications systems; mining and metallurgical facilities; airports and production facilities from diverse industrial sectors.

Key market sectors include:

Switchyard and Substation Construction at all levels

Timelproekt team has extensive engineering and cosntruction management experience in all aspects of substation construction and maintenance for utility and private industry, for over 40 years. They have the necessary expertise to assemble, install, and maintain all substation equipment, including power transformers, circuit breakers, protective relay systems, capacitors, and load tap changers.

In partnership with the client’s engineers, we can determine and implement the best solutions to system performance requirements. We can upgrade and retrofit existing facilities, as well as install new facilities. We also provide a range of installation and maintenance services for switchgear applications in industrial and commercial facilities.

Specific Services include:

  • Commercial, industrial and institutional indoor/outdoor medium-voltageand low-voltage substation installation
  • Installation, maintenance and testing of grounding systems
  • Start-up and commissioning assistance

Panel Assembly, Control and Automation Systems and Metering

  • Factory automation & Monitoring
  • Retrofitting and upgrading existing panels and systems
  • Installation services, start-up and customer training
  • Load metering
  • Automated metering and control of industrial plants
  • Installation of relay and control panels