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Switchyards and Substations

  • Designing services related to documentation for acquiring building permission for a new substation TS 110/35/10kV “Centralna” Skopje, with gas insulated switchgear (GIS). Client: EVN Macedonia AD
  • Preparation of Detailed design for replacement of busbar and equipment on the existing 110kV switchgear and two 110kV cable bays in the SS 110/35/10kV Jug – Nova; Client: EVN Macedonia, AD Skopje
  • Preparation of Detailed design and reconstruction of 110kV OHTL bays with replacement of new 110kV circuit breakers and measuring current and voltage transformers in SS 110/10kV “Aerodrom”, SS 110/35/10kV “Gazi Baba”, and SS 110/10kV “Istok”. Client: EVN Macedonia, AD Skopje
  • Preparation of Basic design for installation of new 110kV transformer bay with new power transformer of 40 MVA in SS 110/10(20) kV ”Bitola 4”
  • Preparation of Basic design for installation of new 110/20kV “Neokazi” Substation in Probishtip, Republic of Macedonia; Client: MEPSO and Cranfield Faundry
  • Construction of a new110kV OHTL bay in the SS 110/35kV “Jugohrom”; Client: Energomontaza Belgrade, Office – Skopje
  • Preparation of Detailed and As-built design for 400kV OHTL bay in SS Shtip; Client: Energomontaza Engineering DOOEL Skopje
  • Installation of new 110kV transformer bay in SS 110/35/10(20)kV Kavadarci 2; Client: MEPOS Kavadarci
  • Preparation of Main/Detailed/as-build design for extension of SS 110/10kV ”Aerodrom” with new 110kV transformer bay and new 10(20)kV switchgear; Client: EVN Macedonia, AD Skopje
  • Basic, Detailed and As-built Design for new 20/110kV SS Bogdanci for Wind park Bogdanci Project; Client: Siemens A.E.
  • Assessment reports, preliminary designs and detailed designs and equipment installation of 35-kV switchgear at HPP Vrben and HPP Raven in Macedonia. Client: Siemens AE, Greece
  • Power Connection Studies and Designs to Small Hydro Power Plants in Macedonia; Client: EVN Macedonia AD
  • Designing services related to the 110kV switchyard and Control room in HPP Boskov Most (electrical part). Client: AF Consult Ltd Skopje

Note: Complete list of references available upon request.