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Strategic Services and Consultancy

The consulting group at TimelProject has acquired and developed a high degree of expertise after working in a number of industrial plants, consulting firms and utility companies in the country and abroad.

TimelProject’s depth of management consulting expertise does not end with just financial and technical skills. Timel Consulting offers complete business solutions to its clients. Timel has assisted energy companies and government institutions envision their future and develop a plan to get there. Timel has also helped clients benchmark their performance along a number of factors and have assisted them in implementing organizational change.

Specifically, TimelProject consulting group provides highly-developed services covering key aspects of client’s strategic objectives:

  • Assess Current State—We assess thoroughly and accurately the initial information and how that measures up against project objectives. Then, more importantly, we tell you how your practices compare with available best practices for the specific project.
  • Develop Solutions—Our experts provide design and solutions based on the best of the best practices we’ve learned throughout our decades of experience. We share what we know is workable in real on-the-job situations. We make sure our recommendations are clear and concise.
  • Communicate Solutions—We help you ensure that your work force understands what must be done and how to do it.  The implementation of the project is cornerstone of our project development.
  • Sustain Positive Improvement—Developing and implementing a project is not enough. We strongly believe in sustainability and quality.  We make sure our clients find ourselves as a reliable partner.  We stay next to our clients whenever necessery.  Our experts can lead our clients through this important phase of making improvements and progress.

Recent Selected Experience

Energy Efficiency Strategy for Macedonia

Client: Nexant, Inc.  Financed by the USAID; 2002-2004
Timel supported Nexant to prepare and present an Energy Efficiency Strategy for the Republic of Macedonia. The primary recommendations of the Energy Efficiency Strategy focused on the need to create the institutional arrangements that could advocate, support, finance and coordinate energy efficiency programs in the country. Macedonia is working to establish an Energy Efficiency Agency and an Energy Efficiency Fund. Timel views this GEF initiative as an opportunity to continue with formation of these critical elements of any national energy efficiency program.
The Strategy was intended to describe the background and conditions that affect the potential for, and importance of, energy efficiency in Macedonia. It is aimed to balance the engineering and scientific issues with the institutional, legal, financial and social aspects of initiating a broad set of programs to increase energy efficiency in Macedonia. Timel integrated the team for research on End-Use Actions and Technological Interventions, a planning process that features systematic study of market opportunities, market barriers, technology options, and end-use economics, specifically focusing on Public and Street Lighting Efficiency in the country through analysis of its technical and economic sides.

Timel supported the development of the Strategy with the following key areas:

  • District Heating
  • Boiler Efficiency
  • Waste Heat Recovery
  • Public Street Lighting
  • Public Buildings

For each of these areas, we provided:

  • An analysis of the inventory, primary locations and characteristics of the existing energy consuming stock.
  • Determined relative efficiencies and estimates of potential energy savings that could be realized either through retrofits, upgrades or replacement.
  • Described the existing infrastructure for equipment supply and service necessary to initiate these kinds of EE activities.

Sustainable Energy Financing Facility

Client:  Nexant, Inc.; Financed by the USAID.  2005-2006
Timel subcontracted with Nexant for the project of Sustainable Energy Financing Facility (SEFF) with goal to help Macedonian Ministry of Economy in creating and sustaining an energy fund. SEFF is to eliminate barriers that hinder energy efficiency (EE) and renewable energy (RE) investments.  Specifically, the team will design a financing mechanism that utilizes loan guarantees (with a low interest credit line) and direct loans to accelerate investment in EE and RE by: 1) establishing a dedicated local source of financing for clean energy projects, 2) providing borrowers with medium – and long-term financing options, 3) deepening local financial institutions familiarity with EE and RE, and 4) improving the economic viability of projects by offering attractive financing terms.

Study for connecting CCPP Skopje to national transmission grid

Client:  District Heating Company of Skopje "Toplifikacija"; 2005-2006

TimelProekt was contracted by the District Heating Company of Skopje to perform analysis for the new combined cycle power plant in Skopje based on conclusions drawn from consultations with the investor and Colenco consultants.  The analysis examines several scenarios in terms of their configuration and level of stability, which include cable and overhead lines at 110 kV and 400 kV level.  Considering that CCPP Skopje shall be located in urban and industrial area as well as the unresolved problem with the corridor for overhead line, the selection of an optimal solution is conditioned of the right-of-way permits and legal issues.
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