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A leader in engineering-construction in the industry
When it comes to engineering and construction, other companies find it difficult, if not impossible, to equal TimelProject's depth and scope of experience, skill, and commitment to its customers.
Engineering and construction is the essence of our business.
Since our inception in 1990’s, TimelProject has ranked among the leaders in engineering-construction in Macedonia.  Our name has been synonymous with engineering excellence and achievement in a wide variety of project areas: power plants; substation and distribution systems, telecommunications systems; mining and metallurgical facilities; high-voltage transmission lines; airports and commercial facilities.




High and Medium Voltage Construction


Extensive engineering and construction management experience in the high voltage construction for 30 years… more

Transmission Line Construction and Maintenance


TimelProject has the tools, talent and technical expertise to construct a variety of transmission configurations… more

Switchyard and Substation Construction and Maintenance


TimelProject planners, engineers and technicians are experienced in all aspects of substation design, construction, and maintenance… more

Distribution Engineering


TimelProject engineers and technical specialists are experienced in electrical system design, engineering and project management… more

Hydropower Engineering


Regardless of whether you need a new powerplant designed or an existing facility refurbished, TimelProject has proven expertise in hydropower engineering… more

Distribution Line Construction and Maintenance


We know what it takes to construct and maintain virtually any distribution line configuration… more

Panel Assembly, Control and Automation System Design


TimelProject has the experience and expertise to provide complete control systems for a wide variety of applications in any given industry… more

Relay, Metering and Controls


TimelProject provides an unparalleled scope of relay, instrumentation and control services to transmission and distribution system operators and to power consumers… more

Excavation and Underground Cables


TimelProject offers full excavation services for utilities, industrial and commercial clients… more

Preventive Maintenance and Testing


With today’s businesses making substantial investments into high technology, preventive maintenance has become a key issue in preventing costly damages and repairsmore


Recent Selected Experience

Rehabilitation Project for Reconstruction of Electric Power Supply Network in the Areas of Skopje (Arachinovo and other villages), Kumanovo and Tetovo, Macedonia

Client:  European Commission (EC) through the European Agency for Reconstruction (EAR)
The objective of the project, under an emergency program, was to provide electricity to people in the areas that suffered war crisis in the year of 2001. The rehabilitation program in excess of 12.7 million Euros, financed by the European Commission through the European Agency for Reconstruction, has been executed under strenuous time and cost constraints, demanding for high standard engineering abilities in the design, planning, development, field implementation control and verification. Timel has been integrating the Italian ENEL Produzione expert’s team in this multi-task operation project being in charge for the management and supervision of power distribution network rehabilitation in the regions of Skopje, Tetovo and Kumanovo. Timel engineers have accomplished to modify the technical designs in a way that saved 8% of the project value while maintaining the technical quality of the network at high standard level. Extensive seven-month work is performed with tasks to verify the actual quantities of material supplied and installed on site, supervise the implementation of the rehabilitation works, verify the completion of works, assess designs and technical specifications to the extent they can be determined in advance, keep the team experts permanently informed, and translate/interpret on meetings and organize documents. A computer database was developed and process and check of contractor’s invoices for payment of the performed works on the field was regularly performed. The project included rehabilitation of distribution networks in 29 villages and low voltage house connections. The project involved coordination meetings with OSCE, contractor’s and consumer’s meetings in villages.

Canadian Camp “Maple Leaf” – Engineer Resource Cell

Client: Canadian Army – Engineer Resource Cell
Project included:

  • Preliminary planning and design of modifications to the system to meet the capacity needs of the military camp.
  • Coordination with military engineer staff for the upgrade works
  • Upgrade construction works of electric and mechanical system at the military camp. Construction works included: substation capacity expansion, electric supply panel installations on several location within the camp, modifications of installation system within the administrative buildings, and distant control and automation of several mini systems on camps’ strategic points.
  • Installation of perimeter lighting on poles around the military unit
  • Supervision and maintenance of the entire distribution system for two years

Earthing the 10-kV neutral point at distribution power network in Ohrid city, Macedonia

Client: Power Distribution Utility of Ohrid city, Macedonia.
The Project consisted of:

  • Meeting safety requirements at earthing system of subjected 10-kV power distribution network in Ohrid city consisted of 260 substations 10/0.4-kV and poles at overhead 10-kV lines when operated with earthed 10-kV neutral point through low resistance,
  • Analysis of entire distribution network in aspect of meeting safety requirements and taking certain improvement measures,
  • Earthing where needed and protection of “exported” high potentials to 0.4-kV consumers,
  • Upgrading the system with microprocessor numeric protection earth-fault relays for selective and fast disconnection of feeders where one-pole short circuit occurs,
  • Installation of equipment for earthing the 10-kV neutral point through low resistance at four 110/10-kV transformers and two 35/10-kV transformers.
Ohrid Airport Lighting – Supply and Installation Project

Client: Siemens AGL
The Project consisted of:

  • New substation built near the existing one; the substation is with prefabricated reinforced concrete parts in order to provide timely construction.  The structure was designed in accordance with construction standards considering the extremely unfavorable weather conditions.
  • Switchgear.  The high voltage switchgear of the prefabricated concrete transformer substation is block type consisted of one transformer feeder and three main ring units feeders connected to the single-pole scheme for 10 kV voltage.
  • Lighting and Fittings.  The general lighting in the substation is provided with dust and jet proof ceiling mounted light fittings with fluorescent 36W lamps.  Wall mounted waterproof light fittings with incandescent 100W lamps are provided for lighting doors and entrances.
  • Lighting Protection and Earthing System.  Connection of all metal parts to the earthing system.
  • Fire Detection. Fire detectors, manual cell point units are installed in all rooms of the new substation.
  • Stand-by Diesel Generator Set.  The stand-by generator set is provided for a back-up supply.


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